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We introduce the concept of "castle oil" coming from a unique plot and vintage, the olives never touch the ground and are harvested manually, by "painting" the branches of the trees because we believe that it is the least intrusive harvesting method for our olive trees.

The olives are then taken immediately to the mill where they are separated from the leaves, washed with spring water and then cold pressed by a mechanical press so as not to impact their organoleptic qualities.  From this stage the olives will remain in a closed circuit in order to avoid contact with air and light and thus not oxidize.

Once the olive paste has been kneaded at a constant temperature around 20°C, which has the effect of starting to create the first droplets of oil, it is then centrifuged horizontally then vertically, which eliminates all the impurities that could remain in the oil.

This extremely controlled process helps to extract all the flavors while increasing stability. Our oil is not filtered but decanted slowly to preserve all the flavors.

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We entrust our olives to a mill founded in 1899, nestled in the heart of a valley in the Sierra Tramuntana, World Heritage Site, and which benefits from more than a century of experience in the extraction of oil of olives.

There's one left up there!

There's one left up there!


"There's one left, up there!"


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